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Rocketbook Launches Everlast Mini Indiegogo Campaign

The new cloud-connected, endlessly reusable notebook is a pocket-sized version of Rocketbook’s best-selling Everlast.

BOSTON, March 5, 2018 -- Rocketbook, the creator of reusable, cloud-connected notebooks, today announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for the Everlast Mini. An endlessly reusable notebook that connects to several cloud services, Everlast Mini is a pocket-sized notebook built for the digital age.

The newest Rocketbook provides a classic pen and paper experience with a modern twist. When a user scans a note with the Rocketbook app (iOS and Android), the note is stored online in Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Evernote and many others. Users can write on Everlast Mini pages with a Frixion pen (one pen included with Everlast Mini purchase) and then wipe pages clean with a wet paper towel. Once the page dries, it’s ready for use again.

Joe Lemay, Co-Founder and CEO of Rocketbook, said: “With the same capabilities as the original notebook, but in a smaller package, Everlast Mini enables users to carry their hand-written notes wherever they go. Having one Everlast Mini is like having one thousand notebooks in your pocket. After completing two incredibly successful crowdfunding campaigns that raised a combined total of over $3.2 million, we are excited to bring a brand new product to the community that gave our company its start.”

Jake Epstein, Rocketbook Co-Founder, said: “We worked closely with our customers to come up with the best notebook possible. We even took to social media to ask users how they would like to see the Everlast Mini function. This unique process is what makes the Everlast Mini so special.”

Now, Rocketbook hopes to raise $21,000 in 30 days; early bird backers can get the Everlast Mini for $16 with a pen holder and Pilot Frixion pen included. Customers can choose between four colors: red, green, blue or black. The product is scheduled to ship this summer. High-res photos are available for download here. For more information on Rocketbook and to learn more about the campaign, click here.

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Rocketbook started with a simple idea: to allow people who love low-tech pen and paper to keep up with all of the high-tech organizational technology of today. Rocketbook’s mission is to help others get ideas out of their heads and collaborate. The Rocketbook Color, Rocketbook Everlast, Rocketbook Wave, and Rocketbook Everlast Mini were all created to bring the best of both worlds together and make the integration of pen and paper with technology as easy as possible. For more information, visit


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